Finding a Bug to Fix in Mozilla Thimble

Moving forward to the new horizons of Open Source world. To get more familiarised with Open Source and the way it works. For the past week I’ve been working on couple of things.

  1. Introduction to Thimble

We are going to fix a bug in the Thimble project. In order to do that, my Professor provided us with a walkthrough blog post. Which I can certainly say, was extremely helpful.

First, I got familiar with a Thimble project as well as Brackets. Then I went to this github page to see what bugs are open. There were a big variety of bugs, even bugs with Virtual Reality, which looks extremely interesting. However, I was looking on something that I can handle with the amount of knowledge I have. Which was not an easy thing to do, since most of the easy bugs were taken really fast. So I choose this one.  The reason I choose it, was not because I am extremely good with JavaScript, but because it looked interesting and not way out of my league. I decided to try my best and see how it goes.

2. Setting up Bramble and Thimble

So I picked a bug that I want to fix. What next?

The next step is setting up the environment. The installation instructions that I followed were provided by Thimble here. Instructions are clear and straightforward. However, I was still able to run into problems. I followed the instructions and everything was going great until I got to the Vagrant part. To be more specific vagrant up command. The problem that I got was that my port number was occupied, and I couldn’t run the Vagrant. I tried to fix it in different ways. Changing the port number, restarting my laptop, trying to figure out why the port number is occupied and with what. However, nothing of this worked. I was getting upset, I didn’t know what to do. Then situation got even worst. My only laptop got broken. So I gave to my friend who was fixing it, while I was trying to set up the environment on the laptop that I borrowed from my friend. And I got the exact same issue again. So I tried again and again. I end up reinstalling all of the components required, but it didn’t help. Did I end up setting up the environment? Yes. How? My friend fixed my laptop, and with a fresh just installed Ubuntu everything finally worked.



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