Contribution to Mozilla Project

So what happens after finding a bug and setting up the environment ?

Then you need to find the ways to fix it. However, in order to fix any bug, you need to understand the problem and the code.

In order to understand the code I followed my Professor recommendations. Which are the following:

  • I read the manual.
  • Bottom-Up: I looked at the code, directory structure, scanned for files and directory names that related to my specific issue.

And for my case that was enough. The next step for me was to understand the problem and solution.

In my situation the problem was clear as well as the solution, which I should thank for the Mozilla Developers for, since they were the one who clearly stated both the problem and the solution. So I knew the problem and I knew theoretically how to fix it.

The bug itself was about tutorial file. To be more specific, after a user remover a tutorial they couldn’t add the tutorial right away. In order to do that they needed to reload the page.

So I just tried to fix it. However no matter what I did, it wasn’t reflected on the web page when I run the localhost. I am not a person who easily give ups, so I have tried to fix a bug for two days. The result was the same. So on the third day of trying, I decided to break the program. I commented out the whole file which I was working on. Then I restarted the servers and run the localhost which gave me the result of nothing. Literally. Everything runs and works just perfectly, like I didn’t commented out the file which is responsible for application to work. It was expected to fail, but it didn’t. Then I start wondering. Why? What is the reason of this situation to occur? Did I set up the environment properly? Am I working on the right file? What I am doing wrong? I was confused. I didn’t know what to do. So I asked for a help. Mozilla community and my Professor were extremely helpful. However it still took me a couple of days to fix the problem. I got all of the updates from both brackets and thimble. Destroyed virtual machine. Made all of the necessary changes and that’s it. The bug is fixed.


After fixing the bug. I added the file, committed it and pushing it. I send a pull request.

Which you can find here.

It was an amazing experience for me. I struggled a lot. Made a lot of mistakes. I was out of time. But it was great. I did it, not by myself but I did it. I am extremely grateful for all the help and patience I got from the Mozilla Contributors and even bigger thank you to my Professor, who didn’t gave up on me.






























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