Preparing for Release 0.2 in Mozilla Thimble

Here is a time for a second bug fix for Mozilla!

Our Professor provided us with links where we could find an existing bug. Here is a list of them, in case someone is interested:

I browsed trough most of them. To be honest picking a bug is not a simplest thing. I found one that I might be interested in, but I wasn’t sure. I had a lot of doubts. I wasn’t sure that I could handle it. So I asked for some advise from my Professor. That’s how I ended up picking this one.

Users can’t upload files with the size bigger than 3MB, which is great if we are talking about images. However, user should have an opportunity to add a zip file which is bigger than 3MB.

Screenshot from 2017-02-24 00-39-28.png

On the image above, I tried to recreate the issue. It was an easy thing to do. By the way the idea of adding the zip file inside the thimble is amazing. Here you can read a bit more about it.

So we have a bug, we reproduced it. What’s next? My next step is to find as much information as possible. Which parts of the code it affects?

Mozilla Brackets repository had a file named DragAndDrop.js which is apparently responsible for this specific issue.

So what should I do and how can I fix it?

Well, I know with which file I need to work with. I know that there is a specific size (which is 3 MB). And I know that I don’t want to change the size. Since, I want to make a change specifically for a zip files. Which leads me to the idea of checking for a type when user is trying to upload something on thimble. If it is not a zip file and the size is bigger than 3 MB, then I shouldn’t let to upload it. However, if it is a zip file what size should be allowed for a user to add? If 3 MB is not enough, than what size is enough?

That the question I need to find answer for as well as fixing the issue. I am excited and with my new knowledge from previous mistakes I could came up with solution efficiently.


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