Second Release

Why would people challenge themselves? Why would they push their own limits? Why did I decide to fix the bug in javaScript, the language that I am not really familiar with?

The answer is always the feeling of accomplishment. Once a wise man told me that in order to be better, in order to improve yourself you need to push yourself though the limit. By doing things that you already know, you are not going to learn much. Practice makes perfect, but with the remark that you do more than practice.

Back to the topic. As you know, I was working on this bug for my second release.

Was it a struggle for me? Yes, it was. I spend at least 5 full days in order to fix the bug. And I consider myself as a lucky person, cause I got all the necessary information for the fix provided on the issue page on github. Which means that in those 5 days I haven’t spend much time on figuring where is the function, how everything works, what gets affected. It was provided to me.

The problems appeared when I was already working on the bug, and one time I just couldn’t run the brackets server. Honestly I don’t want to get into much details about it, since I have no idea why it wasn’t working and because I couldn’t fix it. I struggled with the server, wasn’t able to test anything for 2 days. I couldn’t fix it. So I started all over again. Removed brackets and thimble from my local machine and just installed everything all over again. Which surprisingly resolved the problem. What I learned from this situation is that sometimes is much faster to reinstall the whole thing than thing to make your server work 😀 Which I honestly doesn’t think is a good idea, but probably sometimes you just don’t have any other choice, especially if you are limited to time.

Was it hard to fix a bug?

It is hard to say… One one side logically I knew what I was suppose to do ( again thanks for the instructions) which makes it easy. On another side, my logic was not working in JavaScript. So for me it was a matter of time. I was just keep trying. I had tried at least 20-30 different ways to fix the bug. Interesting thing happened there actually. Once, one of the ways actually worked. Which was amazing! I was about to do a pull request, when I decided to make a gif image in order to show the fix. But I couldn’t. The fix that was working 10 minutes ago, was not working anymore. How come?! I literally thought that I am getting crazy or something. How come it worked and them stopped in 10 minutes?! I took me some time to figure out that the problem was in the logic. What have I learn? If your fix works only once, it is not a fix! It is still a bug, and most probably you have a problem in your logic.

Eventually I was able to fix the bug. I can’t say that it was easy, and at the same time I can’t say it was extremely hard. What I can say without any doubs is that it was extremely time consuming. I don’t really know JavaScript, I don’t really undersatnd it’s logic. And I think that was the main problem for me. That is the reason it took me so much time and effort. On the bright side, eventually I fixed the bug, the logic that I eventually came to works perfectly. Can I even ask for more?



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