Release 0.3

When I was working on my Second Release, I noticed a bug.

You can find it here. And I thought that these bugs are related somehow to each other, so I might as well fix this one too!Only later on, I realised that they were not related at all ­čÖé Which happens sometimes, you don’t always get what you expect.

In order to fix the bug I needed to turn off autoescaping. Which I did. It even worked!

var templates = new Nunjucks.Environment(new Nunjucks.FileSystemLoader(path.join(root, templates)), { autoescape: false });

Nunjucks is a  templating language for javaScript. You can find out more about Nunjucks here.

So everything was good. However, travis failed which means that something went wrong….. ┬áAs it turns out the strings that are saved and stored in thimble and brackets had some little problem. In order to let the application know where the string starts and finishes we use quotes – ” “. ┬áThe problem appears when we have more than one pair of quotes in one string. To fix this:

templates.addFilter(escapeQuotes, function(str){

return str.replace(//g, ");



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