First step towards the Open Source community

The first step is always the hardest step. Why? Simply because you are just afraid. It is something new, something you have never done before. Therefore, you don’t know what to do and what to expect. But once you have the courage to follow the path and make the first step, you feel amazing.

That what I have experienced this week. I was afraid even to try. But thanks to my Professor, who made it so much easier for us. I just simply followed the instructions. First I was searching for a problem which needs to be fixed. And I found it in gulp-util project.

What did I do next?  Well, I saw that their package.json file was missing correct repository URL. I checked the URL in the Package.json validator and it couldn’t find the repository. So I forked the gulp-util repository, and cloned it to my local computer. This allowed me to edit the .json file easily. After adding the correct URL to the package.json file, I have validated the changes using Package.json validation site to  be sure that the issue was solved. I pushed the file into my github repository and committed the changes.

Result? They didn’t approve my changes unfortunately. The reply was: “Our repository URL is valid by npm standards”. Which is honestly fair enough! I tried to make a small, but a useful change. However, as it turns out they even didn’t need it. Which I guess happens from time to time in the Open Source community. To be honest, that doesn’t make me feel bad. I know that it was my very first time, and now I am not afraid to make a contribution to the Open Source community.



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